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Re: The books

Postby Andie Dark » Thu 1. Jul 2010, 19:03

I've been unable to read 'Before the Dawn' and 'The EO Dossier' and went into a lot of trouble reading the other ones... I didn't enjoy them so much. 'Skin game' was to me like a very long episode... and it wasn't the most interesting thing. Kelpy's (I hope that's the name, I don't remember very well) abilities could have been used in a more complex storyline that the love/obsession thing he had with Max.
By the other hand, 'After the Dark' seemed more like the thing I'd have expected for the Coming and that. The story developed fine... but I felt the ending sort of, I don't know, abrupt maybe. I guess I was expecting a bigger confrontation. I liked this one more, but since I haven't read BTD I couldn't understand the part about Seth.

Anyway, the books aren't so bad... Still, I rather reading fanfiction. There are a lot better plots around in FFN.
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Re: The books

Postby Saahm23 » Thu 2. Dec 2010, 14:26

But now somebody should make a movie from the books or something :rolleyes:
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