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Postby Serenity » Sun 6. Jan 2008, 01:47

The majority of these nitpicks were discovered by DarkAngel2019 and Melas X6 784 and posted at What are nitpicks? Well, according to DarkAngel2019 from

What are Nitpicks: the dictionary definition of nitpicks is To be concerned with or find fault with insignificant details
Why find Nitpicks: simply cause it's so d*mn FUN!
Where do I find Nitpicks: theoretically you can find nitpicks in everything. from a TV show to any movie but technically you will prob. only spot some and ignore others or not spot them at all.
When do I find Nitpicks: when you pay REALLY close attention to details and usualy it is not in the first view of the episode/movie but on the 3 or 4th time.

2.03 Proof Of Purchase
*When Max tastes Logan's sauce and puts the wood spoon back in the sauce pan you can clearly see something black in the sauce (black olives maybe??) but then when she takes it all and spills it in the sink there is no trace on this black 'things' that were so obvious before.

*While Alec is in the cage White walks away. Alec gets up and you can see his hand on the cage bars. Shot changes and only then you see him raising his hand to touch the cage.

2.04 Radar Love
*When Joshua meets O.C. for the first time O.C. is wearing a red-orange robe and purple underwear. When she sees Josh she closes the robe. We see a close up on O.C. with the robe closed well. Shot changes and the robe is a little open and you can see her purple top. Shot changes again the robe is closed again. Shot changes to her and Joshua handshaking and the robe is a little open again… and so on several times.

*When O.C. Max & Joshua are eating breakfast you see O.C. reaching for the tea pot with both hands. Shot changes and only her right hand is reaching for the tea pot and then she raises her left hand…

*When a guest is checking in in the Chinese motel you can see he has 2 suitcases. He's holding a silver suitcase in his left hand and a light brown suitcase in the right hand. Shot changes and the silver suitcase is not in the right hand and brown in the left hand. (this is a 'don't blink' nitpick…)

2.05 Boo
*When Max & O.C. are waiting for the light to change on the wide shot Max has both Hands in her Jacket pocket but on a close up only one hand is in the pocket.

*In the restaurant Normal is holding a newspaper in his hand. After he sneezes watch as the newspaper moves from his hand to under his armpit to his hand again.

2.06 Two
When Max & Logan are talking about getting Joshua out of jail you can see behind Logan 4 shelves. On the close up of Logan there is nothing on the lower shelf but on the wide shot of Logan there is something there…

2.07 Some Assembly Required
*When O.C. called Sketchy he leans with his body on the lockers and on his hand that is right about his chest, but on the close up his hand is free and right up his face.

*Check out Lux's Hand when she's eating. When Eddie asks her about Crash her hand is down but on a close up her hand is up on the couch.

*Dr. Carr looks at Zack's eye with a little flashlight and then puts it in his pocket. Shot changes to Zack getting up and Dr. Carr puts the flashlight in his pocket again…

*When Eddie asks his guys if Max was with anyone in Crash both his hands are on his waist, but then the shot changes to a wide shot and one hand is kinda in his pocket and the other one on his stomach.

*In the parking lot Zack shoots at the door and window Logan went thou. From the shot behind Zack you can see the door glass and both the windows glass braking and falling off then you get a close up on the glass and the left window brakes AGAIN… then Zack goes thou the door and the window that broke twice now only has a big hole in it and not totally broken.

*The guy that falls when Zack is shooting at Logan falls with his face towards Zack but in the next shot his face is towards the door.

*Zack's gun falls right next to the soap on the floor but when he picks it up again the gun is IN the soap.

2.08 Gill Girl
When Max talks to O.C. about Logan she says: 'how did Logan pick it up again' but if you look closely she doesn't say the word 'again'. This is an add-on after the scene was shot.

2.09 Medium Is the Message
*On a close up you can see that Joshua hits the painting with the brown color right in the eye but when Joshua tries to clean it with the newspaper you can see that the paint is around the character's face and nowhere near the eye.

*The envelope Alec is holding is open but on a close up you can see it's left side it closed a little.

2.10 Brainiac
*Brain is messing around with Logan's stuff and when Max freezes his picture his hands are all over the buttons, then the shot changes to Max and Brain's hands are crossed.

*In jail when Max comes for Brain he steps down from the bars while leaning on the wall them he leaves the wall, shot changes and he's still touching the wall.

*When Max takes Brain on the bike and he's reading this poem CIA trick. he's reading it while she's driving and the paper doesn't even move an inch.. if you look you see Jessica's hair on the left side moving all over the place from the wind but the paper doesn't move... no way the paper can stay so strait like that in such a wind!

*When max and Alec find the police trick poem inside the poem book Max puts it back but in Asha's address book. But when they're hiding Asha finds the poem back in the poem book.

*The TVs in Brains apartment are not synchronized so when Eyes Only makes his cable hack you can hear like an echoing because each T.V. is a little late then the other but when Brain's picture comes on, all the screens seem to be perfectly synchronized and the picture runs on the exact same time.

2.11 The Berrisford Agenda
*While Normal and Alec are talking Alec reaches with his hand to get something out of Normal's table. Shot changes and he's just leaning on the wall.

*At Crash while Max is talking to Alec he puts his glass down then on the next shot the glass is in his hand again

2.12 Borrowed Time
*While playing pool when Logan says 'You're sure you don't want to try a bank shot?' one hand is on the pool stick. Shot changes and both his hands are on the stick. Shot changes again and again only one hand on the stick.

*When Alec bets Logan 50$ more watch his hands. On the wide shot his right hand is on his left hand but on the close up the left is on top.

*When O.C. tells Alec not to give a smart ass remark she points a finger at him but on the back shot of O.C. her hand is down.

*In the junkyard you can see the guard is crushing cans, he puts a silver can and crushes it a little when he hears a noise. He gets up and the next shot you see the crushing machine it's a red can and it's not crushed at all.

*When Asha and Alec are talking in Crash close up on Asha you can see her looking at Alec but on the back shot she's holding a glass of beer and drinking.

*When Asha is sleeping she's got one hand under her head. Shot changes and her hand is now just beside her. Shot changes again and her hand is under her head… again.

*When that dude in the junkyard talks to Alec in the end and play fetch with the gossamer, there is a part when the gossamer comes back with a little piece of metal in his "mouth", the junkyard dude takes the piece and throws it again, the pix changes to the gossamer fetching and u see that the part that that guy throw is now a hub-cap. the piece the gossamer gave the guy was a little busted piece of metal and this is a big round piece of plastic...

2.14 Love in Vein
*When Normal picks up the package he throw at O.C. he comes from the area of his office where they have a little drink cooler but when the shot changes to him picking it his back is to the Lockers.

*When Joshua puts on the helmet he takes his hands off. Shot changes and he's touching the helmet.

2.15 Fuhgeddaboudit
*When Mia and Dougie are in the car Mia gives Dougie a paper bag cause he's about to hyperventilate. Dougie takes the bag and starts breathing into it then takes it off to talk to Mia. Shot changes and we see Dougie still talking but the paper bag is still on his mouth.

*When Alec steps in the ring the announcer passes the microphone to the ring girl and she steps out of the ring, then after a few seconds on a high shot above the ring we see the announcer passing the ring girl the microphone again.

*When Mia puts the bag with her winnings in Dougie's lap she's holding it with both hands but on a close up she's only holding it in one hand.

2.16 Exposure
*When the Sheriff is talking to Max & Logan, Logan is holding the pictures in his right hand but on a back shot it's in his left hand.

*While talking to Sketchy, Otto has his hands down. Then he walks away from him with his hands on his waist.

*Alec's black backpack has a white part in it. When Sketchy is talking to him and O.C. on close ups you can see the white part right on his shoulder but on wide shots you can't see it at all.

*In Medium is the Message Logan tells Max he's helping the 'Olsen's' find there kid... meaning that Wendy identified herself as Wendy Olsen and even later in there actual meeting she told Logan: 'I go by my maiden name, Olsen. Ray goes by my husband’s last name, which is White'. but when she calls Logan in Exposure she identifies as Wendy White.

2.17 Hello, Goodbye
*Why is Max so out of breath when coming out of Joshua's house? Supposedly she can hold her breath for 4 min AT LEAST. And getting out of Joshua's house shouldn't even take over a minute.

*When max gives Joshua flea powder he's scratching his neck but then on a close up he's scratching his head.

*At Crash When Max is talking to Alec he's holding a glass but on the back shot he's not even touching the glass.

*In the same scene Alec's using his hands while talking, but on the front shot he's hands are crossed together.

*When Mule is cleaning the shoes on a close up you can see the shoe's heel is towards him, shot changes and the shoe's heel is towards the outside.

*When Max is talking to Alec in jail on the wide shot her right hand is over her left. On close ups her left hand if over the right and just when she's about to get up her left hand is on top again.

*When Max and Alec are walking on the ledge you can see on a close up on Max's shoe that she just got to the window but on a close up on her face she's already halfway past the window.

*In the same scene on a close up on Alec you can see he's halfway across the window but then when the shot changes he is just getting up to the window. Close up again and he's made it all the way across.

*When Mule steps out of White's car he has his sweatshirt cap on when just a second ago in the car he didn't.

2.18 Dawg Day Afternoon
*When Joshua is painting Alec has his hands on his waist, but on a close up they're down.

*When Logan pages Max, Alec moves the laser 'hand' aside, but on the close up on Alec the laser 'hand' is still over his shoulder.

*When Annie sits down to read the book the tea cup handle is towards the window, shot changes and the handle is now towards Annie.

*Close up on Joshua shows him throwing the guy that's attacking him on his back but on a wide shot the guy's back is towards Joshua.

2.19 She Ain’t Heavy
*Close up of Sam on the couch you can see the red book she was just reading to her left, second close up and the book is gone (actually it's now on her right side but you can hardly see it…) close up again and the book is back on her left side.

*Mole gives Joshua a gun but on the close up on Josh the gun is gone.

*When the transhumans are holding guns to Alec front shot shows him taking his hands out of the pockets, on the back shot you can see Alec's hands are back in the jacket pockets, shot changes to front and his hands are again not in the pockets.

*Max turns the T.V. off with the remote, but the remote is gone when she hugs O.C.

*Sam says 'It's been ten years since the first time you ruined my life'. The year is 2021/2022 so it would actually be 12-13 years.

2.20 Love Among the Runes
*When C.J. steps out of the window he takes out his left leg first, shot changes and his right leg is completely outside while he's taking his left leg out.

*Before Logan and Alec start talking Logan brakes a log, at the end of the conversation he brakes another log thou out the conversation he never set a new log and you can't see any trace of the log he broke before.

*At Crash Alec sits down next to Max with a glass in his hand. Back shot you can see him drinking and putting it on his lap, front shot and the glass is now on the table.

*When Alec and Biggs get on there bikes you can see Alec putting on his gloves, then when he drives away the gloves are off, shot changes again and the gloves are back on.

*C.J. takes the cover off the microscope and bends over to look, shot changes and he bends over again.

*When Max shows C.J the markings on her wrist watch how his hands switch when he touches her.

*When waiting for Sandman C.J. hands are on the rock he just stuck in the ground, shot changes and he's no longer touching the stone.

*When Max and C.J. escape, Max starts wearing her Jacket on her right hand, guard calls from outside and when we see Max again the jacket is on her left hand.

2.21 Freak Nation
*At Logan's Max takes of her Jacket, shot changes and she takes it off again.

*Shot on Max's back when she moves Logan's hand is on her shoulder, close up on Logan and his hand is no longer on her shoulder.

*When Logan says 'hmmm…' you can see him touching her back, shot changes to Max back and you can't see his hand anywhere.

*When Sketchy starts taking pictures he's on a stool with Normal and another person, and normal has a back right next to his leg, shot changes and there is no bag or other person next to Normal, shot changes again and that person is back next to Normal.

*In the van when Alec says ' I had her' he's touching his helmet, shot changes and you can't see his hands anymore.

*Wide shot you can see Gem's baby's head is covers, but on a close up the blanket is not over the head
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Postby Laura » Tue 8. Jan 2008, 18:27

Nice thread Serenity!! :D
It's so funny to read all these things haha! I would have never noticed them :lol:

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Postby Saahm23 » Tue 8. Jan 2008, 22:14

Yeah me too, next time when i watch a episode i have an eye on it hehe. Thxs for posting Serenity
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Postby Serenity » Thu 10. Jan 2008, 02:43

Always happy to help 8)
Sketchy: "At least Normal knows who he is."
O.C.: "A constipated, crusty, angry, rhythm-free, Republican white man?"
I'm going to be me, so it you can't stand me, sit down...If you can't face me turn around!
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Postby rantanplan » Thu 24. Jan 2008, 14:01

i have already read something like this, but it's right it's funny... .

A lot of detail that we don't notice... . I think to people which spead time to note all this things for us! lol.

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Postby 331845739494 » Sun 13. Jul 2008, 16:18

Haha, I never noticed those things. Now I'm gonna have to watch again. :P Lucky me.
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Re: Fan Resource

Postby hedghehog » Wed 24. Mar 2010, 17:06

Good to see that even the best show has some lil flukes:p.Some of these are funny have to read them all :p
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Re: Fan Resource

Postby Allison Lightning » Sat 3. Apr 2010, 12:51

There's a messup in writing in Season One- small thing in '411 on the DL'- Max says she has waited nine years to see/find her brother when the escape was ten years prior... 2009/2019.
It's little but really obvious...
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