Barcode Tattoo

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Barcode Tattoo

Postby Luno » Sun 9. Mar 2008, 19:54

did any one of you guys ever thought of a barcode in the back of the nek??
like a tattoo ??

i thought today about it...i don't know if its beautiful and a tattoo is a big deal.
i think my mom and dad don't let me do it..

but i thought about it...

would it be cool??

later luno :nation:
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Postby hedghehog » Mon 10. Mar 2008, 15:13

yeah we talked about it and jondy got that done but not the real tattoo ... c&start=45
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Postby Saahm23 » Tue 11. Mar 2008, 23:45

A thread for this already exist. Take a look here :wink:

:arrowright: Barcode Tattoos

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