Luuno's day of the pulse wallpapers

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Luuno's day of the pulse wallpapers

Postby Luno » Wed 18. Feb 2009, 19:08

here are my the day of the pulse wallpapers that i made a while ago
but these are resized ..sorry for that
if you guys wanna have the real one,pm me

Direct links for the one's who hate those big pictures in forums

got a request ASK ME .would love to make more, i'll make some of the other characters too


luuno :lol: ... secopy.jpg ... e2copy.jpg ... e3copy.jpg ... e4copy.jpg ... e5copy.jpg ... e6copy.jpg
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Postby tim1990 » Wed 18. Feb 2009, 19:32

i like the first very sexy 8) but the others are very good to but at the first JA looks the best
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Postby Saahm23 » Wed 18. Feb 2009, 22:09

Hey Luuno did you forget your fanstuff thread? ^^ ... 5578#15578

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