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Dark Angel Dreams

PostPosted: Fri 19. Jun 2009, 20:50
by Nyk
I had a Dark Angel dream like a week ago and I still remember it, which is odd cuz I rarely remember my dreams unless they make absolutely no sense or are scary.

I was with this guy I liked before and we were on this field trip in a friend of mine's house, which looked nothing like her house.

The basement was flooded and we treaded through that. And went up to the first level which just looked like the kind of wood that you don't trust cuz it'll give way soon. All chipped and dusty.
And some of the stairs lead up to like a random place on the wall. And the people who lived there were home so we had to be quiet.

I wandered through and then reached the second floor and up to the third floor in the middle of the house there was a line that lead to a bright light that made you squint and try to block it with your arms.
But at the lead of the line was Lydecker and some TAC's and they were almost sorting through us to send the transgenics through the light.

I kept trying to back up to get out of there but the guy I liked kept pushing me forward saying it'll be aliright. And as soon as I reached the front Lydecker smiled and yanked me through the light and I woke up wondering what the heck happened.

So anyone else have any Dark Angel dreams?

PostPosted: Mon 13. Jul 2009, 17:12
by hedghehog
wow a Dark dream i love those they alway make you think,even week after you dreamed them. Pretty cool dream NYK

PostPosted: Tue 14. Jul 2009, 13:05
by gtf_dean_fenech
nice, i have a lot of cool dreams, some i remember, so i don't too. I wish there was something i could do to make me remember them.

PostPosted: Tue 22. Sep 2009, 13:29
by Allison Lightning
I've had those, being chased by Lydecker and White- and crawling around Manticore.

Going through Seattle's street- and being an X5... I love those dreams. Much better than the cruel ones like I am on my way to the movies to watch the DA movie- or buy the DVD and then waking up to the cold hard truth.