Volume 1: Before the Dawn

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Volume 1: Before the Dawn

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Los Angeles, 2019. Large sections of Tinseltown are in Richter-scale ruins in the aftermath of the Pulse and a devastating earthquake. Surviving among a ragtag pack of street kids, agile as a cat, and an expert thief, Max steals from the rich and gives to Moody, her mentor in crime and leader of the gang. But with no real family to speak of, Max longs for her missing "brothers and sisters" from Manticore, the covert agency with a sinister history of militaristic manipulation and control.

By chance, Max sees a news story on TV about a dissident cyberjournalist in Seattle, known to everyone as "Eyes Only." The police are searching for his accomplice, a young rebel whose image flashes on the screen. Max immediately recognizes Seth, one of her Manticore siblings. She mounts her motorcycle and hightails it north. What she rides into is an elaborate web of betrayal, greed, revenge, and selfless heroism that will only further fuel her quest to uncover the secrets of her past and seize hope for the future
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i wish they'd had more flashback manticore stuff

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3763434/1/C ... he_Damned- AU 2009: After a failed escape attempt the remains of unit 12 are hauled off to Psy-ops each emerges as the 'perfect soldier'. It's about their struggle to regain their humanity after the horrors of Psy-ops...review! 3 chapters up!
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what were phrases and expressions you liked and want to remember?
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I really hated it- it wasn't Dark Angel- I mean the first time I read it I was so shocked by the amount of canon episodes and that was before I got the DVDs and were able to watch them a million times over- it's style very little of it even approached DA level.

And my opnion of said author dropped when I found out he has never watched Dark Angel but wrote it from a treatment given to him. I'm just glad that they are just the paid fanfiction books. But seriously- there were better writers out there, who Im sure would have made the effort to watch the series of which they were getting apid to write.

And it was a shame because the idea of a character like Seth was sound- but inserting him completely paid no attention for DA's history, the kind of man Logan Cale was. It was trying to invent a reason for Max/space needle with that well meaning but stupid fight ( if Deck knew about the Space Needle- he would have at least put it under survaillance) and there already was one- it's the high place in Seattle, and is made Max feel up there that she was just a regular girl if she stayed up there long enough.

There was no need to try to rewrite that. And it made no attempt to really reference flashbacks- or storylien points that happened in the past to that time ( because Collins didn't have a clue outside of that story treatment) which lessened it further.

Just wanted to add my two cents
" When you think you see me I'm not there because you left me behind"

An alternate ending for AJBAC, all because of one thing, Logan is captured by Manticore while Max got away. Inside of Manticore, struggling to hold onto his sanity, his identity, Logan has nowhere to hide. Will he survive to escape, or will Lydecker destroy him first?