The Eyes Only Dossier

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The Eyes Only Dossier

Postby darkjak » Fri 5. Dec 2008, 19:54

Well, it seems tat you've forgotten the last book, the Eyes Only Dossier.

What do you think about it?
To me, it's a a bad fanfic, with X5R's and stuff like that. The whole scrapbook idea wasn't very good.
When I ordered it, I expected it to be like the other books, only with focus on Eyes Only.
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Postby gtf_dean_fenech » Fri 5. Dec 2008, 20:17

it was a good concept, but some of the stories are stupid. Like the whole X5R stuff.

this is my review i gave on ebay:

I enjoyed this book. If you are a fan of the series you really get into the book because it gives you insight to the Eyes Only world and the informant net. the format of the book and how it is diplayes as for example the e-mails and stuff are really good, it gives you a reall feel of an eyes only folder.

The Sector 55 chapter is interesting, you don't think its going to end the way it does, I'll give this chapter a 7 out of 10. The second chapter, The Phoenic Project is my favourit. This is just mentioned once in the series and you really get a good look into it here. This is a good idea for a movie too. I really enjoyed this chapter. The Third one, The Grand Coulee Massacre is the one i disliked the most. Its kind of a drag and kind of boring with most stuff we already knew. The only good thing about ths chapter is that it gives us an insight of the Jon Darius Character and the faces behind his Movment and it was mentioned that Logan had interviewed Darius in the series and we can find its transcript here. The last one, Davenport Genetics Institute is also a very good chapter, riviting and exciting. The one little thing I didn't like about this chapter is that Sketchy's articles deosn't sound like he has written them(which isn't the only problem in this book, But also in Max Allan Collins' DA books)

Sometimes the book can get confusing in who the informant is and if you don't read one chapter in one go you kinda get confused but over all this book is really fun for ALL Dark Angel fans and I recomend it.
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Re: The Eyes Only Dossier

Postby kimiM » Fri 17. Dec 2010, 15:49

Hi there!^^

I already got the three Max Allan's Books for years now... But I just ordered the Eyes Only dossier few weeks ago! *shame* At least I've got it now! :mrgreen:

I didn't read it yet, but the concept of the dossier looks interesting! Some says it's good, some bad... I don't know yet... but as a big fan of DA, I'm always happy to learn new stuff about DA!^^

I'll give you my own opinion and review on the book went I finish it! :wink: But don't expect it before some times! I'm kinda slow^^ and a bit busy... I'll start right now! :book:
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Re: The Eyes Only Dossier

Postby Saahm23 » Fri 31. Dec 2010, 21:55

^^ i got the Dossier too and i can say as a fan you will like it :) its really nice made
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