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Happy new year

PostPosted: Wed 31. Dec 2008, 15:59
by Jana X5-169
Happy new year @ all.

You have intentions for the new year? :prost:


PostPosted: Wed 31. Dec 2008, 16:14
by tim1990
happy new year from me, too. intentions? i have to admit not really but they will come in the year :P

PostPosted: Wed 31. Dec 2008, 16:24
by gtf_dean_fenech
Happy new year... i know we say this every year but let's make it DA year this year. Day of the pulse, dark angel cartoon, ect...

PostPosted: Wed 31. Dec 2008, 16:30
by tim1990
yeah and i think a continuation is more realistic than last year so we will see. and many fans should join the projects

PostPosted: Thu 1. Jan 2009, 06:41
by Serenity
Just to finish up some projects I'm not done with yet.

PostPosted: Fri 2. Jan 2009, 17:52
by rantanplan
oh i didn't see this topic when i've reply to the "merry christmas" one... .

happy new here at all!

each year, we find a continuation more reallistic than the year before! :).
but this time, it's 2009!

my intention : i hope we'll finish all our projects, and like dream is allowed, i hope luno could contact joshua alba, and why not, have him (or his sister) on the cartoon project, with us ?

oh, and, maybe you remember i asked some pictures of the show for a project ? In fact, it was a DAN calendar, that we can make with microsoft publisher. I've a english version, so it's ok for every member here. but i have always least time for that, so it's only beginning... . I think i'll create a topic on the forum, for be helped, 'cause i think it can be a good advertising to spread a personal calendar... . i don't remember a another fansite doing that.


PostPosted: Fri 2. Jan 2009, 20:08
by Jana X5-169
A DAN calendar... very cool. I'm excited at the result :thumbup:

PostPosted: Fri 2. Jan 2009, 21:17
by tim1990
yeah very good idea i don't know if i can help but if, i will try 8)

PostPosted: Tue 6. Jan 2009, 20:19
by hedghehog
Love ya all stay strong in 2009

PostPosted: Tue 6. Jan 2009, 20:22
by gtf_dean_fenech
oh man!!! i forgot to post this -> http://deanfenechanimations.deviantart. ... -108316748 <-

PostPosted: Tue 6. Jan 2009, 20:23
by hedghehog
looks so cool.Peace man :thumbup: :10points:

PostPosted: Tue 6. Jan 2009, 22:45
by darkjak
Happy new year everyone.
My intentions? This year I'm gonna

*Start Krav Maga lessons
*See all DA episodes on June 1st
*See the new Terminator and Fast and the Furious movies at the cinema
*Go to carshows
*Get my flirt on

PostPosted: Wed 7. Jan 2009, 01:06
by gtf_dean_fenech
See the new Terminator

oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh f'n a man!!

PostPosted: Thu 8. Jan 2009, 16:44
by hedghehog
Wow krav maga.You will kick ass,no wait KILL ass
And carshows rock trust me
Good luck in lady's section ,get your flirt on

PostPosted: Sun 8. Feb 2009, 19:48
by Saahm23
yeah yeah iam sooo much late i know :ooops:
But i wanna too wish you all a happy and good new year. I hope all of you had a great party ^^ :prost: