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Hello there!

PostPosted: Sat 2. May 2009, 19:47
by Nanaki
I'm Rob, a University student studying Digital Media in the UK. I thought I'd join this community and help in any way I can! :)

I'm a big Dark Angel fan and loved the series very much while it was on. I also used to watch the now cancelled Dead Like Me (on Showtime) which has since been continued in a Direct-to-DVD movie. Perhaps FOX could do that same with Dark Angel although a new season would be even better!

Fox is airing a new series called Dollhouse in the US which has been getting really poor ratings (although it's not that bad) - Dark Angel nearly tripled what the series is currently getting. I hate FOX quite a lot but the could redeem themselves if they stopped cancelling shows, specially ones with decent ratings! :fox:

Anyway, I'll be sticking around for awhile so you'll be hear from me again soon!

PostPosted: Sun 3. May 2009, 10:36
by X5454
Welcome on board Rob :) You'll find more fox-hating people here, so, i guess, you'll like it here :D

PostPosted: Mon 4. May 2009, 01:38
by Serenity
[align=center]Welcome to the family
:group: [/align]

PostPosted: Mon 4. May 2009, 20:33
by Jana X5-169

PostPosted: Tue 5. May 2009, 21:14
by Laura
Welcome Rob :)
Hope you'll like the forum ;)

PostPosted: Sun 10. May 2009, 05:14
by Max Guevara\X5 452
I'm very late to say hi but welcome Nanaki :lol:

PostPosted: Sun 10. May 2009, 10:19
by Saahm23
Welcome on Board Nanaki :winke: i hope you'll like it here. So take a look around and have fun :D

PostPosted: Mon 11. May 2009, 23:12
by Nanaki
Thanks for the warm welcome guys. It's nice to see people still active in a Dark Angel community! :)

PostPosted: Tue 19. May 2009, 19:04
by hedghehog
welcome Nanaki :D (that is name of Red XIII right)

PostPosted: Wed 20. May 2009, 23:29
by Nanaki
hedghehog wrote:welcome Nanaki :D (that is name of Red XIII right)

It is indeed. I love it when people know that - they are instantly cool :wink:

PostPosted: Thu 21. May 2009, 18:03
by d-mode101
hey rob:
:danboard: I agree with you... I hate :fox:

peace, out...

PostPosted: Fri 22. May 2009, 12:23
by Nanaki
FOX announced what shows they are keeping the other day and they are keeping on Dollhouse even though it only has 3 Million views. Dark Angel has over 6 Million - wtf?!

Maybe they are trying to sort themselves out because they have an awful reputation for cancelling shows.

PostPosted: Tue 15. Sep 2009, 19:51
by rantanplan
activity is not what is missing here :).

welcome to you, nanaki!!

have fun with us!