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My name is MichaelScoefield....

PostPosted: Tue 15. Jul 2008, 10:25
by MichaelScofield

My name is MichaelScofield, I am a university student, and live in Australia.

I enjoy the following TV series:

* Dark Angel
* Prison Break
* Buffy
* Veronica Mars
* Roswell
* Sarah Connor Chronicles

Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to watch Dark Angel whilst it was on TV and really only got into it last year when I purchased the DVD of the First Season.

Since then I have enjoyed every minute of the show and am devastated that it was cancelled so soon.

At the end of this year when I am no longer studying, I will be campaigning for a Dark Angel movie/some form of continuation with you guy's assistance. I am quite a talented web developer and have large source of funds I am willing to invest into this goal.

We can make it happen, and I am here to help!

- MichaelScofield :wink:

PostPosted: Tue 15. Jul 2008, 11:48
by gtf_dean_fenech
wow, thats pretty awsome!!!! First of all let me the first to welcome you to our humble abode. well we have ALOT of discussions abut how we can continue DA... so look around, read past topics and catch up on whats going all, reply where you like.

PostPosted: Tue 15. Jul 2008, 13:25
by rantanplan
hello mickael!!
very good to see a new one join our unit ;).

a lot of funds ? a good web develloper? love DA and want campaigning for a continuation!! My dear, have you a sister ? lol.

here, we want all the same thing, so welcome on the board, and don't hesitate to share your ideas with us... .


PostPosted: Wed 16. Jul 2008, 03:43
by Max Guevara\X5 452
welcome on board to DA network MichaelScofield :danboard:

PostPosted: Wed 16. Jul 2008, 09:09
by 331845739494
Hey, another Aussie.. Sweet!

Welcome, MichaelScofield! :nation:

PostPosted: Wed 16. Jul 2008, 14:56
by viperaj
welcome to the forum


PostPosted: Thu 17. Jul 2008, 22:59
by Saahm23
Welcome on Board MichaelScofield :winke:
just looke around, read some Topics and share your ideas with us :D
For any questions about this forum and the Dark Angel Network iam your man.

PostPosted: Fri 18. Jul 2008, 00:37
by gtf_dean_fenech
For any questions about this forum and the Dark Angel Network iam your man

yes he's our fearless leader

PostPosted: Fri 18. Jul 2008, 04:03
by rantanplan
even MY questions can't scared him!! (ok, i stop that) :).


PostPosted: Sun 20. Jul 2008, 16:27
by moonlitestar
Welcome MichaelScofield (i can definitely tell you're a prison break fan! :) )

It's good to have another fan on this board, and we're all hoping to bring DA back in some form or another!

Welcome to DAN!

PostPosted: Thu 21. Aug 2008, 20:47
by Laura
Welcome MichaelScofield :D