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Postby rantanplan » Sun 13. Apr 2008, 16:15

10x for the team, it's right it'sa good place, here.

i'm really happy to know that a new site will come... . i've always think that we must accomodate some other
popular websites... .

and even moderator, like laura, don't know this website!!??!! :).

why do you keep that secret


Ps : i think it's better to keep some differents websites rather than do only big one : we can touch more persons, with more sites.
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Postby Shadowdeaths » Sun 13. Apr 2008, 16:56

Well yeah I liked that place too. Nice, kind people and even I'm only 2 days or something like that here, I like it very much. Well and I'm glad I saw Saahm's signature on the other forum and that I've joined you here ;>
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Re: ...Wow

Postby Allison Lightning » Mon 12. Oct 2009, 12:52

Well as a Dark Angel fan I joined this place years ago- but I lost it in my whole computer meltdowns and found this place again like a year ago. I just find this place to be such the 'Good Place' when it comes to DA- you just don't find a place this wonderful to talk about Dark Angel anywhere else. Everyone here, you are all such good people and it's one of the great things in the world that there is a place for Dark Angel lovers to come , meet each other and do it so nicely.

But I think I originally found this place after I was looking on Google to find the evil :fox: email address... you know the whole send annoying emails for them to bring back DA.
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