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Postby gtf_dean_fenech » Fri 21. Dec 2007, 22:06

hey darkjak I finally did you your Dark Angel vs Terminator piece... go to my funstuff page and check it out.

Now about that movie... when are you going to continue it.?
Now if you may can i give you so advice on the movie...
First of all the "opening theme" is great, i would only change one thing which is to try to use the same font (i have both of the terminator and dark angel if you want). second of all, if i were you i would dub the sound with a sound track (which both of dark angel and terminator are easy to find, just ask me if you need help with that.), especially when Sarah Connor talks.
I would also use less writing on screan in your explaination, because the writing covers half of the screan.
You should use some scenes from terminator 1 (when Kyle Reese is remembering when he was in the futuer fighting, ect...) and Terminator 3 too, not just from T2. you can also use scenes from the games like for dark angel the opening movie of the game show the pulse happening, and also use scenes from the terminator 3 game (its not too bad, plus it shows ALOT of good scenes for you such as terminator being set to the past, ect...)
and don't kill don't kill John Connor, but if you do there is a movie in the game that shows John Connor being killed.
last but not least, i had found this short Terminator vs Robocop movie (which was also a comic book) which is VERY good. It might help you and give you ideas = http://www.metacafe.com/watch/441604/ro ... erminator/

anyway hope you like the picture
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Postby darkjak » Mon 17. Mar 2008, 23:48

Thanks a lot.

Anyways, after easter I'll start two new subjects: "pictoral telling" and dramaturgy. There's a good chance in both that I'll have to make some kind of movie. So I'll attempt to make DA movies of one of them.
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