We need YOUR help!!!

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We need YOUR help!!!

Postby Saahm23 » Tue 24. Feb 2009, 17:29

We need to search with more energy a person (or more) in the USA (best around L.A.) who can represent us there on the "Barcodeday" and "Day of the Pulse". Anyone who can take the lead and the organisation on our behalf there.
Because i think nobody from Europe or the rest of the world can afford a trip to Los Angeles on this dates. Sadly but that's the reality.
Therefore when there is a fan from the USA who reads this, and is willing to help us in any way pls post here or get in contact :mail:

The people we're searching for should be than someone in charage of for example where the meeting place will be, or someone in charge of Allison Lightning's idea of the scene reinactment, someone in charge of contacting the tv news and news papers, someone in charge of hanging up day of the pulse flyers and posters in university and high schools all around LA. we need actual protesters. Look if 20 people decide to go, and they bring another 10 to go with them, thats already 200 people so this is a word of mouth thing.
And we're helping this persons from here as much as we can. You'll be all the time in direct contact with us. Our Dark Angel Network Cartoon, from Deach Fenech should be also showed there.

Another thing we can do is send our letters like on the Barcodeday, but not directly to FOX, we send them to someone (another person we need to recruit) and he/she will present all the letters that are being sent to him in a huge mail bag and present them infront of the FOX building, this way we know for sure that the letters will arrive. And we can take pictures and videos from the whole actions out there so fans from around the world see what's going on.

All other fans, who are not from the USA can help us with the search! Contact fans from the USA, you maybe know and ask them about it.
In case you're a fan from the USA and cannot go to this event, no matter why, than you can also help with trying to contact other fans from there.

So spread the message, stand up and start to fight for what we want. This year 2009 is special guys, our actions and campaigns which we wanna do in L.A. is serious!!!
Of course, other things take place around the world but rather are private.
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Postby gtf_dean_fenech » Wed 25. Feb 2009, 18:40

hey saahm, try facebook to, you can do like a call for help just like this -> http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6 ... 752&ref=mf
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Postby glows » Mon 2. Mar 2009, 08:49

I got an e-mail for this and I wish I could do this for all the DA fans since I live in the States. However, I don't have the money or time, and I don't live anywhere near LA.

That's a good idea though, dean. Facebook would be a good place for that. I'm not sure what that link is, is it for a company in LA holding auditions for television shows?
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Postby glows » Fri 6. Mar 2009, 05:27

Oh, okay. I don't have a facebook so I can't actually see it but that's good.

If I could figure a way to get Dark Angel out there to others, I would but I don't really have one...no place that someone would take notice.
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