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PostPosted: Sun 27. Aug 2006, 13:06
by Saahm23
[glow=red]WE ARE BACK[/glow]

Hey Guys.Good News for all.The DAU Forum is back.We moved it to a news Server because we can react faster next time when we have problems.The reason is that nOeX has not enough time to pay enough attention on the Forum.And we can do nothing when it is on his Server.We start from the beginning because we have no backup :sad: sorry for this.In a few days i will fill up the Forum with the rest of the old Threads and posting can goin on :wink:


PostPosted: Sun 27. Aug 2006, 20:21
by kingmidis
Its good to be back man...

PostPosted: Mon 28. Aug 2006, 06:54
by Max Guevara\X5 452
it's great to see dark angel united back

PostPosted: Wed 30. Aug 2006, 01:35
by Nyk
It's great it's back up and running. Seems you've been quite busy.
*takes a look around in awe*

PostPosted: Thu 31. Aug 2006, 20:47
by Laura
I'm also very happy that DAU is back! Thanks to all the peeps involved in it!

PostPosted: Sun 3. Sep 2006, 17:47
by Maxie
Now that the blessing was given by Noex, I give you here the official knowledge that DA United Forum has a new domain.

It will be attainable under

The forum itself is, at the moment, still under:

You will know it from the design

Well, I find this enormous .......

Bye Maxie

PostPosted: Sat 9. Sep 2006, 06:20
by anmisc
Great site!!!!!! I'm always happy to find old DA fans that didn't forget like I haven't.

PostPosted: Sat 9. Sep 2006, 10:43
by Z!ckZ4ckM4nn
yeah that's right^^ we'll never forget ;)

PostPosted: Sat 7. Oct 2006, 04:22
by Falsedisillusion
Never give up never surrender....the fight for DA still rages and one day i believe we will win the war

PostPosted: Sat 7. Oct 2006, 06:40
by Max Guevara\X5 452
yeah we will will this war to bring back DA hopefully if we never give up

PostPosted: Sat 21. Oct 2006, 17:24
by Saahm23 is now updated.Have fun guys ;-)

PostPosted: Sat 21. Oct 2006, 20:49
by Laura
Thanks Saahm!!! You're really doing a good job! :D
Continue like this ;)

PostPosted: Sun 22. Oct 2006, 12:07
by Z!ckZ4ckM4nn
jepp nice update :)

PostPosted: Mon 23. Oct 2006, 00:01
by Max Guevara\X5 452
nice updates thanks for that :D

PostPosted: Tue 24. Oct 2006, 12:37
by Anabir
hello, not knew where to put this...
Does someone know where I can find the melody that sounds at the end of the episodes 1x14 and 1x15 with Max and Logan??
Has some name??