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PostPosted: Sun 7. Sep 2008, 22:03
by Saahm23
For a better overview we splitted the forums Part "episodes/books", also we've added to each episode an extra thread in which you can now talk and discuss about the episode.

"The Episodes"

PostPosted: Sat 21. Feb 2009, 20:50
by Saahm23

PostPosted: Sat 21. Feb 2009, 20:50
by Saahm23
Ok guys, this is the moment. We have upload on our YouTube Channel the first DAN Streaming Freedom Video. In English and German. Thxs to the forum members who helped me with the voice :wink: Share the link with your friends and other Dark Angel fans you know. And don't forget to rate it ^^

DAN Streaming Freedom Video[English]

PostPosted: Sun 22. Feb 2009, 00:14
by Serenity
The video looks good and the background music from the show is a nice touch, but the message is hard to understand. Towards the beginning of the video some of the words in sentences are drowned out by the background synthesied noises and some of them are just missing, as though the audio recording settings weren't loud enough to pick up the words. I know what's going on so I can fill in the blanks but someone who doesn't may not bother to watch the whole thing if they can't understand all the words :(

PostPosted: Sun 22. Feb 2009, 00:20
by Saahm23
Yes we know, but thxs anyway Serenity :D thats the reason i added the transcript of the message in the info field of the video. We had some probs at the recording of the english version. I tryed for hours to clear the voice signal and cut out the backround rush. Too sad we doesn't have the high quality equipment like Logan Cale :löl: ^^

PostPosted: Sun 22. Feb 2009, 12:49
by gtf_dean_fenech
may be re recording could help?

PostPosted: Tue 24. Feb 2009, 23:52
by Saahm23
The "Day of the Pulse" Campaign site is now updated with new informations. More is comming these days.

Day of the Pulse Campaign site

PostPosted: Wed 25. Feb 2009, 13:37
by darkjak
I've got a mate with some kick ass equipment. I'll see if I can borrow his stuff, and I'll re record it.

PostPosted: Wed 25. Feb 2009, 13:38
by gtf_dean_fenech
nice one, you don't have to record it all at once, you can record 1 sentance at a time and the just paste it together

PostPosted: Wed 25. Feb 2009, 23:47
by Saahm23
Hmm sounds good. I have a idea for a short second video. It's about the DOPC and our search for Fans in the USA who are willing to help us.

PostPosted: Wed 25. Feb 2009, 23:47
by gtf_dean_fenech

PostPosted: Sun 29. Mar 2009, 00:18
by Saahm23
My friends, the Dark Angel Network has a very big loss to complain. A member of our family and one of the first members of this forum is gone from us.

SAM 453 has recently died.
This loss has shocked us and came quite unexpectedly. Some of us, including me, knew her very well. A few of you will maybe remember their Flyer Action from 2006 for the Barcodeday.

The Network will dedicate this Barcodeday 2009 SAM453, to honor her. We will always remember and never forget you Manu. For this reason, a memorial page was created. Feel free to leave a message in the condolence book.

Rest in Peace Sam453

Rest in Peace Sam453 (by Maxie)

PostPosted: Sun 29. Mar 2009, 14:49
by hedghehog
DIED so young.

PostPosted: Sun 29. Mar 2009, 16:42
by gtf_dean_fenech
R.I.P. :nation:

PostPosted: Mon 30. Mar 2009, 05:39
by Allison Lightning
R.I.P- that is so sad. May she go to the Good Place.