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PostPosted: Thu 30. Nov 2006, 02:55
by Saahm23

PostPosted: Thu 30. Nov 2006, 23:32
by Max Guevara\X5 452
thanks for that :)

PostPosted: Fri 1. Dec 2006, 06:05
by Nyk
Dark Angel on TV, just like it should be. Thanks for the info.

PostPosted: Fri 1. Dec 2006, 16:54
by *AnGeL_NoCtUrNo*
yes, I think that this site is wonderful and together we're stronger, and with a bit of luck we'll get that DA comes back ^^

because 4 years are many years... :lol: don't you think that?

Ciao. Peace. Out

PostPosted: Wed 6. Dec 2006, 23:03
by Max Guevara\X5 452
yeah its been a while now 2007 would be 5 years,but we still wont give up

PostPosted: Sat 16. Dec 2006, 01:57
by Saahm23
Hey folks.Iam only want to inform you all what happend at the moment at the Network internal.Deejaymoni works on a new Dark Angel Network Promo Teaser.Besides this she create a DA Network Theme :D You will love it look out for this :wink:
Another thing on what we work is definitely the promotion for the Barcodeday.There can anybody from you, who wants, help to make this again more public.
Write in Boards,put the link in your Sigs or put the Network Banner or the Banner from Maxie's BCD Site in it.Tell everyone!!!Only together my friends only together we can some move :!:
Otherwise are all Network Admins very busy at the moment in privat.Normal^^,the Christmas Days are comming :mrgreen:

PostPosted: Tue 30. Jan 2007, 21:23
by Saahm23
After a hard creating time deejaymoni finished the new DA Network Teaser :-)

For downlaod click here

Metacafe: ... me_teaser/

PostPosted: Wed 31. Jan 2007, 21:18
by Laura
I loooove it!!!!! The music is awesome and the video too :D
Well done deejaymoni ;)

PostPosted: Thu 1. Feb 2007, 13:41
by Bellerophon
The only word I have to say: Genious ;)

PostPosted: Tue 6. Feb 2007, 07:30
by ddd
i just saw it now OO thats awsome nice work the music is COOOOL

nice one djm

PostPosted: Tue 6. Feb 2007, 15:36
by *AnGeL_NoCtUrNo*
hey I just saw it now too :wink:

I like this video!! It's amazing^^

very good work deejaymoni :D


PostPosted: Wed 7. Feb 2007, 02:50
by Max Guevara\X5 452
yeah the DA Network Teaser video is really awesome

PostPosted: Fri 9. Feb 2007, 13:25
by TripleB
What a cool stuff - deejaymoni ist a goodness of video! Wish I would be able to create such a good thing!! Respect!!! :)