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Prodigy 1.05

PostPosted: Sun 7. Sep 2008, 21:05
by Saahm23
USA: 21.11.2000
GER: 26.02.2002

Directed by: David Jackson

Kendra has a new gig. She's translating Japanese into English for Dr. Yukio Tanaka, a geneticist who is in Seattle to host a genetics conference at the Steinlitz Hotel. When Max learns that Tanaka turned a sickly baby into a healthy child by re-sequencing his DNA, she wonders if he might be able to help her with her seizures. She asks Logan for phony press credentials so that she can attend the conference. Despite his misgivings about "Dr. Feelgood," he acquiesces.

At the conference, Max introduces herself to Tanaka as Rachel Glasser, a reporter from BioTech Frontiers magazine. She impresses him with her knowledge of genetics before moving to Kendra and making sure her roommate doesn't blow her cover.

Tanaka begins his presentation, telling the attendees about Jude, a crack baby whose DNA was manipulated using groundbreaking gene-sequencing techniques; not only did Tanaka save Jude from his flawed genes, he turned the boy into a young genius. As Max watches footage of Jude's first years, she recalls her childhood training at Manticore. While she's ruminating, a man takes the empty seat next to her in the crowded auditorium. Lydecker.

Luckily, Lydecker doesn't recognize Max. As it turns out, he's also here to learn about Tanaka's work. Remembering Lydecker's own lessons on the importance of knowing one's enemy, Max tempers her revulsion and engages Lydecker in conversation as Rachel Glasser.

Suddenly, a commotion interrupts Tanaka's presentation and armed gunmen storm the conference room. Their leader, Jon Darius, proclaims that they are members of the May 22nd Movement, an anti-technology terrorist faction that takes its inspiration from the Unabomber, the ultimate technophobe. They are here to rescue Jude from those who would exploit him. Before the terrorists can make a quiet escape with the boy, Lydecker pulls the fire alarm. Authorities respond instantly, forcing Darius to take the conference-goers hostage.

Darius contacts the police and demands safe passage for himself, his colleagues, and the boy. He announces that he will kill a hostage an hour until his demands are met. Logan and Bling arrive at the Steinlitz just in time to witness the killing of the first hostage, Dr. Tanaka, who is flung from the roof of the hotel.

When Logan learns that Max is one of the hostages, he volunteers to act as an intermediary. Logan knows Darius - he interviewed the terrorist a few years ago - and thinks he may be able to gain his trust. As a gesture of goodwill, Darius agrees to release the female hostages, but only if Logan will take their place. The terrorists usher Max, Kendra and the other women to the exits as Logan enters. But Max isn't about to leave Logan and Jude in the hands of armed terrorists; hanging back, she takes out a terrorist and goes back to the auditorium.

Outside, the National Guard has taken control of the situation and is opting for aggressive measures. They land troops on the hotel roof and shoot terrorists at the entrances. Darius is furious; thinking he's been tricked, he orders Logan tossed from the roof as well. Darius' men throw Logan over the edge, but Max swoops in at the last possible moment, saving Logan from the same fate as Tanaka. The two smash through a hotel window and onto a bed, where they chastise each other for putting themselves in such danger. After an embarrassed silence, they agree to put the argument aside until later. Saving Jude and the others is the top priority.

Surprisingly, Max and Logan find an unexpected ally in Lydecker, who tries to save the day but is quickly overpowered by Darius' men. Ironically, Max winds up saving her nemesis' life. She takes out the remaining terrorists in the auditorium, then goes to find Jude, who has been whisked away by Darius. Max easily finds and knocks out Darius, then turns to the distraught Jude. Tanaka is the only family he has ever known: what will happen to him now? Max assures him that everything will be okay before taking him in her arms and to safety.

In the aftermath of the National Guard siege, Lydecker finds a group of soldiers mercilessly beating Darius. He reproaches them for violating Darius' right to due process - do they want Darius showing up for trial bruised and beaten? Of course not, the soldiers mutter. Neither does Lydecker; so he takes a soldier's pistol and shoots Darius dead. Problem solved.

That night, Max wonders if she did the right thing by saving Lydecker's life. Logan commends Max. She made the right choice, at least morally speaking. Max agrees, but can't help wonder what will happen the next time they cross paths.


PostPosted: Sat 13. Sep 2008, 02:32
by jondy09
after seeing this episode i worked up to being able to hold my breathe for almost 3 minutes

PostPosted: Mon 15. Sep 2008, 15:52
by gtf_dean_fenech

PostPosted: Mon 15. Sep 2008, 15:55
by rantanplan
oh? lol

when i was on hollyday, i've speak with a friend who tell me that he know a guy who try to do apnee able to keep his breathe during 4 mn, which is the time to a x5. I was very surprise.
On time, on the pool, i tried to keep my breathe, i've done more or less 1 mn (your 3 mn are really good, jondy, congratulations), and when i exit my head of water, i see some little girls who were "scared" cause they asked themselves if i had a problem. It was really funny to see their faces :D.


PS : i like this episod, we heard about genetical things, and the "max-kendra-lydecker" metting during the hostage instant was very good.

PostPosted: Thu 16. Oct 2008, 19:14
by jondy09
because i wanted to be transgenic ^.~

PostPosted: Thu 16. Oct 2008, 20:00
by moonlitestar
lol keep working at it jondy! ;) now you just gotta see in the dark and run as fast as a bullet.

PostPosted: Thu 16. Oct 2008, 21:04
by jondy09
thats the plan :)

PostPosted: Thu 16. Oct 2008, 22:06
by hedghehog
yeah i tried that 2 but i only made it to 40 seconds,i almost died :laugh:
Anyway wonder whatever happened to that kid

PostPosted: Fri 17. Oct 2008, 01:29
by jondy09
no idea...does anyone ever wonder what would've happened if Lydecker had gotten his hands on that boy or on Case?

PostPosted: Fri 17. Oct 2008, 14:36
by hedghehog
'deck would probably use him to fix his soldiers.By fix i mean make them more robot like and "obey orders" things

PostPosted: Fri 17. Oct 2008, 19:01
by gtf_dean_fenech
may be

PostPosted: Sat 18. Oct 2008, 17:36
by jondy09
and do you think he was talking about the disease brin got when he said 'what makes them gifted, also makes them flawed' because max said she thought it was something more then the seizures but very few of them got the disease

PostPosted: Sun 19. Oct 2008, 00:59
by gtf_dean_fenech
hhhmmmmm, i don't know

PostPosted: Sun 19. Oct 2008, 20:17
by rantanplan
there is disease with the tryptophan thing, the fact that a part of soldiers has heat period, the progeria... . And maybe something more that scenarists had to "forget" cause the show had not during suffisantly :).


PostPosted: Sat 21. Feb 2009, 09:24
by Allison Lightning
Not a disease- the transgenics, their bodies don't make enough serotonin- so when the levels get low they seize- the tryptophan helps balance it out.