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"Max: Resurrected"?

PostPosted: Mon 22. Jun 2009, 12:45
by Monty
Hey guys, I've been searching for this little featurette thing for a while now, and when I thought I finally found it in the Download section of, it turns out it's down... So, anyone willing to upload it to sendspace or wherever and send me the link; I'm dying to see it and it would be greatly appreciated... :nation:

PostPosted: Mon 14. Sep 2009, 11:20
by Saahm23
Hy Monty, the download section is offline because i had some problems with the script and not yet found another script which works. Another things i i had the last months no time to work on this problem. But be sure the download section will be again online in future.

PostPosted: Tue 15. Sep 2009, 22:41
by rantanplan
and if you can't wait, you can find it here :

during the time that saahms needs for repair the bug.


Re: "Max: Resurrected"?

PostPosted: Wed 25. Aug 2010, 16:12
by kimiM

rantanplan's link is broken so if someone is still interested, you can watch some of the DA featurette right here:

enjoy! ;)