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Postby Serenity » Fri 13. Feb 2009, 00:39

I think we should vote on and celebrate our own official DA-related holdays and remembrance days. We could celebrate the X5's escape, the day the Wyoming Manticore was shut down, the day the Seattle Manticore burned down, have a day to remember all transgenics/transhumans who died before Manticore fell and one for those who died in the struggle for survival afterward, etc.
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Postby gtf_dean_fenech » Fri 13. Feb 2009, 12:38

kinda geeky but i like the idea
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Postby Saahm23 » Fri 13. Feb 2009, 19:49

Yeah me too, really a nice idea Serenity :D so i wanna open later a own thread for it where everybody can post his ideas and suggestions for days to celebrate, the date and the reason.
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Postby Gila » Fri 13. Feb 2009, 22:36

It gives me a good reason to watch, and read the books again (not canon I know, but still...)
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Postby Allison Lightning » Sat 14. Feb 2009, 03:17

Sounds geeky but I'm in- for Dark Angel I'm always all in- I always clebrate October 3rd- it's the date Dark Angel first aired
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Postby bootzilla » Sat 14. Feb 2009, 07:13

Rode my motorcycle to celebrate!
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Postby hedghehog » Sat 14. Feb 2009, 16:20

bootzilla wrote:Rode my motorcycle to celebrate!

Now thats the spirit :nation:
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Postby rantanplan » Sat 14. Feb 2009, 21:38

i have'nt moto, but this idea is good. It's a new idea, for keeping the united between fans, and motivate them, so why not ? :).

and in more, each date is the occasion to advertise... . just remember the day max drink champ on the space neddle, for celebrate the escape... .

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