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Max actually IS based on Lydeckers wife?

PostPosted: Sun 6. Jul 2008, 00:35
by darkjak
In this vid, John Savage says that Max IS based on Lydeckers wife:
What do you think? Did he mess up, or did Lydecker lie in that episode?

PostPosted: Sun 6. Jul 2008, 04:02
by rantanplan
i think lidecker has use some of his wife's caracters for creat max, like her eyes, for example, like he tells her in an episod of the show... .


PostPosted: Tue 8. Jul 2008, 00:38
by darkjak
Thing is that Lydecker says that she doesent have any of his wife's actual DNA, but that she's inspired, and he gives the example of her eyes. Maybe it's more?

PostPosted: Tue 8. Jul 2008, 03:20
by rantanplan
i think max can't have lydecker's wife's DNA.
Because when max asking him if he is the fater, he has answer "i would not never corromp genetical information"... . If there is some dna of his wife, the genetical information will be corrupted too... .

(i don't think my sentence is occrect, do you understand what i mean ? ).


PostPosted: Thu 17. Jul 2008, 21:42
by Saahm23
i understand it and i think it's right ^^ Lydecker means he wouldn't bugger the gene pool with his "junk DNA" when i remember right ^^

PostPosted: Fri 18. Jul 2008, 03:42
by rantanplan
yes, he didn't want obtain a result unperfect cause of his "normal DNA"... . But at this moment, he didn't know max has not data box ( what you call junk dna, i supose).
He has learn that when he has find the document of renfro, at the second season... .


PostPosted: Fri 18. Jul 2008, 07:12
by gtf_dean_fenech
what i understand from "inspired" is may be they made max's dna into making max look a bit like his wife.

PostPosted: Fri 18. Jul 2008, 07:42
by 331845739494
^ That's what I got from that. I never saw it as anything more than being 'inspired' and thus using characteristics of the wife. .. etc. ;)

PostPosted: Fri 18. Jul 2008, 08:41
by gtf_dean_fenech
thats what i thought, i don't think they ment it as a big deal, they just used it as why lydecker was more close to max

PostPosted: Fri 18. Jul 2008, 14:11
by rantanplan
yes, i'm sure he wasn't lie.
And it's that, max is suposed to look like a few lydecker's wife, cause lidecker has tell "you have her eyes".


PostPosted: Sun 20. Jul 2008, 16:25
by moonlitestar
Yeah, I think max's eyes just reminded him of his wife's. There was no mention that max had his wife's DNA, but I also don't recall him denying it...

It may be another loophole...since we know Sandman supposedly encoded the unique DNA Max has. And Lydecker isn't really a scientist...I doubt he had anything to do with coding max's perhaps the fact that max had his wife's eyes was something that was realized after max's birth. who knows...haha.

PostPosted: Sun 20. Jul 2008, 18:02
by rantanplan
lydecker has told here max has been inspired by his wife.
so i think not it's a hazard if she has her eyes ;).

Lydecker isn't a genetician, but he can maybe act to asking something particular for "his children", like he call them ;).


PostPosted: Mon 21. Jul 2008, 00:33
by gtf_dean_fenech
since we know Sandman supposedly encoded the unique DNA Max has

but lydecker never mentioned sandman did he? may be max was their little project.

PostPosted: Mon 21. Jul 2008, 04:27
by rantanplan
Lydecker didn't know she has a perfect DNA.
So i think max could be the little project of sandman.
Maybe we can imagine two groups : familiar and "a second group".
This one take his origin from the familliar. I iimagine that maybe sandman was a familliar, and when he understand they want kill everybody for control the world, he become a "rebel", and has thinking to create manticore, for try to obtain somebody able to fight the familiar, and he succed with max.
But in the season 1, i was the sensation that it was lydecker who was at the origin to manticore. Still, at the episod 5 max tell "he has probably stop to drink, cause they decide to give him the manticore project", So this "they" could be sandman, with his group (the 2nd group that i have mentionned), and of which renfro was probably a member too.

Of course, it's only suposition about what is possible. But i think i risk again to cause an offtopic... . :).