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New EMP Report

PostPosted: Sun 30. Nov 2008, 11:44
by X5DNA
The United States EMP Commission recently published an excellent new report on what an EMP attack would do to the United States. I was pleasantly surprised about how well this report was done. It is available at: ... on-7MB.pdf

It is a PDF file, so you have to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. This report is also available at my web site.

The report is about the size of a book. Some of it is very technical, but most of it is not.

I have expanded my Dark Angel Science web site with new information, especially the part about EMP. I've got new information about the Soviet experience with EMP and links to descriptions of what an actual EMP detonation looks like.


Soviet EMP over a populated area

PostPosted: Sun 30. Nov 2008, 12:08
by X5DNA
In October of 1962, the Soviet Union detonated a nuclear test weapon over Kazakhstan. Although it was before the days of computers or any other solid-state electronics in Kazakhstan, it still did quite a lot of damage.

A nuclear EMP is actually 3 distinct pulses occurring in rapid succession. The first pulse is called E1. E1 is a very fast pulse that generates a very large voltage that only lasts a few nanoseconds. It is what destroys computers and other electronics equipment.

E2 is a medium-speed pulse about like what lightning causes. Most people aren't very concerned about E2 because ordinary lightning protection will usually protect against the E2 pulse.

E3 is the main thing that destroys the electrical grid. It is very similar to the kind of damage that a solar flare does, but the E3 from a nuclear EMP is much stronger. E3 only affects very long lines, but it can even penetrate into the ground (as the Soviet Union found out).

Here's an edited version of my description of the 1962 Soviet EMP from my Dark Angel Science page:

The Soviet Union got its surprise introduction to the magnitude of nuclear EMP effects over a much more heavily populated area than the Pacific Ocean. The most damaging nuclear EMP event in history (so far), much worse than the Starfish Prime test, occurred in October of 1962 over central Asia.

Written documents give the date as October 22, 1962; but in discussions with American scientists (after the fall of the Soviet Union), the Soviet scientists who were present for the event said that the nuclear detonation occurred about 6:00 in the morning of October 23, 1962.

In what was probably the early morning hours of October 23, 1962, the Soviet Union detonated a 300 kiloton thermonuclear warhead in space at an altitude of 290 kilometers over central Kazakhstan (roughly over the city of Zhezkazgan). The test was known only as Test 184. It knocked out a major 1000-kilometer underground power line running from Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan, to the city of Almaty. Several fires were reported. In the city of Karaganda, the EMP started a fire in the city's electrical power plant, which was connected to the long underground power line.

The EMP also knocked out a major 570 kilometer long overhead telephone line by inducing currents of 2500 amperes in the line. It damaged radios at 600 kilometers from the test and knocked out a radar 1000 kilometers from the detonation.

If you remember anything about world history, the date of the Soviet EMP detonation over Kazakhstan may seem strange. It is true that both the United States and the Soviet Union detonated EMP-generating nuclear weapons tests in space during the darkest days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the world was already on the brink of nuclear war.


PostPosted: Sun 30. Nov 2008, 15:08
by gtf_dean_fenech
wow, very interesting

PostPosted: Sun 30. Nov 2008, 17:14
by rantanplan
yes, i have read the topic, but i don't have time for see the news on your website, but be sure i'll read that.

the fact they edit some rapport like this one about EMP can be understanding like the fact they think about this technology... .

thanks, dna!


Re: How much is science and how much is fiction?

PostPosted: Wed 24. Mar 2010, 17:12
by hedghehog
Anyone read "1984" by George Orwell my friend recommended me the book says that its a fiction thats pretty close to how world is turning out now (and in Dark Angel)???Anyone??

Re: How much is science and how much is fiction?

PostPosted: Sat 3. Apr 2010, 12:57
by Allison Lightning
Well anything is a fictional version but it's a way the world can turn out, a lot of the how the world is at the moment feels dark like Dark Angel. I keep finding it strange when I read up on tryptophan/serotonin- there is nothing about how a low level would cause a seizure, only headaches and depression. Although the altered genetics of the X5s might explain why it causes them seizures.