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Comic Con 2009

PostPosted: Fri 10. Jul 2009, 20:47
by Luno
Hey guys Luuno here ( just ad another u)
been a liitle while but i got some good news

as you guys might no im going to California for 5 weeks this summer
this thursday to be excactly, and im going to the comic con in san diego
now i'll keep it short. JENSEN ACKLES will be there unfortutuatly im not there at that day BUT JAMES CAMERON IS there when im there,
so my plan is to go and see him might and meet him and question him about DARK ANGEL.
what do you think?

what should i ask him ?

Let me know before i go,

Later Luuno :nation:

PostPosted: Sat 11. Jul 2009, 00:34
by Sprudelig
wow, thats really great. hopefully we can convince him to make a third season or at least a movie... ;)

i think my first question would be, why he stopped with dark angel after the second season and if there is any chance for a third season. maybe i would show him all those petitions and campaigns about dark angel if he hasn't noticed them yet

PostPosted: Sat 11. Jul 2009, 00:47
by gtf_dean_fenech
wow, so cool luno, as we mentioned a lot before, mention this forum, BCD, my cartoon, the petions, ect...

PostPosted: Tue 21. Jul 2009, 13:42
by Shwuigy
yeah exactly what dean said. and man you are lucky that`s sweet!

PostPosted: Thu 23. Jul 2009, 03:51
by d-mode101
wow, that is great luno, i think the same that dean and Sprudelig. i hope that it works....

peace, out...

PostPosted: Tue 28. Jul 2009, 21:21
by Shwuigy
yeah that is so sick man, have a great time and we'll be cheering you on!

oops i just realised I posted twice..

PostPosted: Thu 30. Jul 2009, 09:22
by gtf_dean_fenech
did you go Luno?

PostPosted: Thu 27. Aug 2009, 10:12
by Luno
yea i did go , but i havent seen james or "alec".
havent seen jessica either but i have met her husband,
but it would be kinda weird to ask/talk with him about it :P

PostPosted: Thu 27. Aug 2009, 15:06
by gtf_dean_fenech
too bad, but cool anyway. Comi con must have been great!!!

PostPosted: Tue 15. Sep 2009, 22:28
by rantanplan
so you don't meet james cameron, finally?
bad... .

but do you succed to speak to cash warren about DA ?