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Postby Luno » Sun 2. Mar 2008, 13:11

Hey big fellas

how you guys doing in here?

i`m kinda new right here.
i'm Luno*Luuk real name*
17 years old

and kinda BIG BIG fan of alba right now.

and Dark Angel offcourse..

so how is this forum doing right now??

Cya Later Luno.
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Postby moonlitestar » Sun 2. Mar 2008, 16:26

Welcome to Dark Angel Network. :D
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Postby Laura » Sun 2. Mar 2008, 22:05

Welcome Luno!
We love welcoming fans!! :D

Hope you'll like the forum ;)

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Postby gtf_dean_fenech » Mon 3. Mar 2008, 01:33

hey. Great to hear from a new member. Read and look around, and try to catch up :löl:
Enjoy your stay, hope we'll see you for a while.

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Postby WINGZERO » Mon 3. Mar 2008, 09:20

W-E-L-C-O-M-E ^^
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Postby Saahm23 » Mon 3. Mar 2008, 10:10

Welcome on board Luno :helloo:
Good to see that my YouTube Promo Tour has still success :freak:

Here is the place where fans from all over the world are connected. So look around Luno and have fun :wink:
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Postby hedghehog » Mon 3. Mar 2008, 18:30

yeah that kind of always goes together alba fan=DA fan :D
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