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Postby Bells » Thu 21. Feb 2008, 21:38

I wanted to ask a general question about the international forums and mainly the protestions section.
I can read and understand englisch and german, but I would be interested in what the french, italian and spain members have to say, too.
On the english and german boards are some great ideas to what to do next for the BCD 2008 for example but it is nowhere summed up or said which of the suggestions will be done or not be done. See where I go with that? I'd like to see a threat or space where it is announced what is done next and which suggestions were made in every language (on the same board/thread)
I hope that was in any way understandable.~
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Postby rantanplan » Fri 22. Feb 2008, 14:08

hello bells!

all i can answer you is that we have luck to have a moderator, laura, which speak each language present on the forum.
So she can traduct each topic that you ask, and when a main idea is decided, it is traduct in each languages... .

(of course, laura does that in the limit of her free time.... . ).

so i think the communication is correct like that... .

but it's right that i would understand another langues, for participate in another section too :).

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