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My Website: Post Pulse Seattle

PostPosted: Tue 3. Apr 2007, 18:04
by Serenity
If you have some time please take a look at my website Post Pulse Seattle and let me know what you think. I've had it for a few years now and I think it's about time for another facelift. All suggstions, comments, and criticism are welcome and appreciated. Thanks.

P.S.--The Conclave section is still under construction.

PostPosted: Tue 3. Apr 2007, 18:26
by dark_mafia
its good but the yahoo geocities thing gets real annoying

PostPosted: Tue 3. Apr 2007, 19:52
by *AnGeL_NoCtUrNo*
I like your website :wink: the only "bad" point is the spam when you open a window, but anyway it's great^^
and the images gallery have a lot of images that I've never seen, like the pic of max's mother :wink:
good work Serenity^^

PostPosted: Tue 3. Apr 2007, 19:57
by rantanplan
i like!
it's a good job, a sort of memorial of DA... .

(but dark mafia has true, the banner is not very good lol, but be quiet, it's the only bad point i have notice).

I will see more in details your web site.

(i like your space too lol you know afric, and japan, and you live in USA ?!? you mst know a lot of different cultures! :-). ).

Tell me, do you go to the BCD ? ;D.


PostPosted: Tue 3. Apr 2007, 20:11
by Serenity
I agree with you guys that the yahoo pop-ups are annoying; I'm working on a code to block or supress them but it's taking a little longer than I thought it would :oops:. And rantanplan, what does BCD stand for?

PostPosted: Tue 3. Apr 2007, 20:30
by Saahm23
BCD = Barcodeday ;)

And your site is cool. Keep up your work Serenity :)

PostPosted: Tue 3. Apr 2007, 23:11
by Bellerophon
The Site is very nice, I like it, it's a good summary of the hole DA story and gives also people who have never heared about DA a good overview.
(The advert is nerving I have to admit but I think it would be possible to fix that problem)

PostPosted: Wed 4. Apr 2007, 01:35
by rantanplan
serenity : BCD, is barecodeday, like saahms has say.
It's a day for protest about the canceled of Dark angel, and the date is choose the day of the diffusion of the last episode of DA in USA.

in the routine, the BCD, we send a lot of letter to the fox, for ask them a season 3, but this year, in more, we make a manifestation in the street! lol.
Like you are in USA, and like fans come to every country of the world, i ask if you go to the bcd! ;).

for your advert, you can choose an host without it, or find a script for hide the banner. But if yahoo see it, they will close your website, so do a back up! :-).

maybe you can find a script on google, if i have time tomorrow, i will search about it, but remember it's not autorized. ;).


PostPosted: Wed 4. Apr 2007, 03:27
by Max Guevara\X5 452
cool DA webpage Serenity :D

The Yahoo! Popups

PostPosted: Sun 22. Apr 2007, 16:36
by Serenity
I'm not sure why, but if you use the shortened URL I listed you get popups but if you use the longer URL they don;t show up :?:. Anyhoo, here's the link again, only with the longer URL: Post Pulse Seattle

PostPosted: Sun 22. Apr 2007, 21:29
by Mikajah
I joined the Coclave RPG.

PostPosted: Mon 23. Apr 2007, 18:42
by Serenity
I appreciate it. Keep in mind it may take a little while before it's ready just yet because I'm still working on finishing the first part (the Conclave section of the website) :oops:.

PostPosted: Mon 23. Apr 2007, 22:11
by Mikajah
That's alright, I'm willing to wait.

PostPosted: Tue 1. May 2007, 02:27
by jondy09
I love it!!!!!!! Good work!!! Sadly many of the good websites are being shut down as the years go by.... So, I'm glad yours is up! :)

PostPosted: Tue 1. May 2007, 19:37
by Serenity
Thanks 8), and I have no intentions of shutting it down anytime in teh near future. As long as there are DA fans out there and I'm able to use the internet, the site will exist. It may be months between site updates, since the sites mostly finished, but if I can help it it's not going anywhere.