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PostPosted: Fri 16. Jan 2009, 19:46
by gtf_dean_fenech
oh yeah... cool

PostPosted: Wed 21. Jan 2009, 20:18
by gtf_dean_fenech

PostPosted: Tue 3. Feb 2009, 18:13
by gtf_dean_fenech

PostPosted: Mon 9. Feb 2009, 14:35
by Allison Lightning
I'm good with the actual writing as in scripts...if taht would be any help

PostPosted: Mon 9. Feb 2009, 14:49
by gtf_dean_fenech
thats been ready for about a year, but thanks anyway. What i do need now is voice actors. I have Logan and O.C. ready and normal and sketchy, kindda ready, but we'll keep our mind open for other than the 2 i have already for normal and sketchy. So if you know anyone who reminds you of anyone of the cast, let me know.

PostPosted: Mon 9. Feb 2009, 14:57
by Allison Lightning
I'd do it but I have no microphone

PostPosted: Mon 9. Feb 2009, 15:03
by gtf_dean_fenech
max and cindy are ready casted.

PostPosted: Mon 9. Feb 2009, 18:33
by rantanplan
we have always news members, we can't know!!

i love your drawing!!
a good think for help to wait, like you tell ;).

i wait the next step with a big envy!!


PostPosted: Mon 16. Feb 2009, 23:34
by gtf_dean_fenech
hey guys i need a video of Alec and sketchy talking (engish version)

PostPosted: Wed 18. Mar 2009, 23:40
by gtf_dean_fenech
Just to let everybody know, all the Colouring is finished, I have started animation... the end is near my bretheren

PostPosted: Sun 29. Mar 2009, 14:39
by hedghehog
THE END IS NEAR OH NOOOO RUN....oh end of the can't wait

PostPosted: Wed 29. Apr 2009, 11:33
by Allison Lightning
Scratch that my new laptop has a microphone- what roles are open?

PostPosted: Wed 29. Apr 2009, 11:34
by gtf_dean_fenech
ummm, for girls, Max

PostPosted: Wed 29. Apr 2009, 12:33
by Allison Lightning
Max!!! Cool- do you have any type of script you can send me so I can get to work!

PostPosted: Wed 29. Apr 2009, 13:14
by gtf_dean_fenech
send me a sample of your self as Max. send it at