We need a volunteer to do the banner

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We need a volunteer to do the banner

Postby gtf_dean_fenech » Fri 27. Apr 2007, 20:24

So now that the t-shirts ar ready, everyone can print them and "represent". We need reinforcements because D day is getting near. We need a volunteer to do the banner (a sketch is posted bellow how we need it) so either some one print it at a printing shop or
something like that but that might be expensive so you can do it yourselves.
Here are the instructions: so we need it to be on a large sheet of material (canvas or something like that), there is a type
of printing paper that when you print on it you can iron the printed paper on the material
and the image is printed, this is usually used on t-shirts.

So if you find an A3 size of this paper or even A4, divide the banner design (which is posted bellow, and ask me [ gtf_851@hotmail.com ] to give you the larger and more clear design) and print division on the iron-able paper onto the
large cloth sheet next to each other, this part needs to be done with the extreme accuracy so the all match and look
like its all connected (like It should be). When it is done it needs to be sent to our representatives in the USA so it can be present in the protest and fulfill its life long dream, to be on TV Thanks this need to be done yesterday because the BCD is very close and we need to think about shipping and everything else. thanks, hope someone will help us.


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Postby Saahm23 » Tue 1. May 2007, 16:08

When someone is interested to help as, or you got questions please post it here ;)
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